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KEF experts: today's youth are characterized by initiative and ambitious career aspirations

02 Mar 2022 / 18:22

Young people are able to influence the development of the country using the features of their regions as points of growth. That was the topic the experts discussed at the plenary session of the Youth Platform of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, the theme of which was Krasnoyarsk-400. City of the Future and the development of Russian cities.

“We live in fierce competition associated with the construction of a new economy. Now we need competitive solutions that are attractive on a global scale, and young people can become the driver of this process,” says Nikolay Bazhitov, director of the Institute of Youth.

Anna Afanasyeva, deputy director for Project Activities at Roskulttsentr, determined the vector of development of the modern youth: “Today, young people no longer need classical social lifts. Young people at the age of 14-15, having completed additional education programs and modules, are able to earn money. Now it is necessary to teach them how to work with intellectual property and how to create commercially capacious ideas. It is important to create platforms for interaction, exchange of experience and support.”

The experts agreed that today's youth are characterized by initiative and ambitious career aspirations. And all sorts of educational and project measures to support youth initiatives are of service and help.


This year, the Generation 2030 brought together 800 young entrepreneurs, architects, urbanists, public figures and activists from all over Russia. Hundreds more young people have become online participants by joining discussion platforms remotely.